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With over 20,000 members across 385 branches in the UK and overseas, we are a family of current and former Naval Service personnel, relatives and supporters of our country's Royal Navy.

Whether we are catching up with friends at our regular social events; fund-raising; advising on welfare and employment matters, or just providing an arm around the shoulder, our natural willingness to help others stems from the tradition and camaraderie that only Naval Service life can instil. Everything we do is inextricably linked to our core values

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Our Work in Torrevieja.

In 1992 after successful negotiations with the RNA Headquarters in London, the Torrevieja Branch of the RNA was formed, comprising around twelve members. 2005 saw membership pass the enrolment of our 100th member. Current membership is around 95. The Association is open to all who are serving or have served in the RN, RM, RFA, QARNNS, Reserves and RNXS.


The aim of our Association is to further the efficiency of the Service in which members are serving, or have served by fostering ‘Esprit de Corps’ by preserving the traditions of the Service and achieving those ideals for which Naval services have fought. We help and assist our members to integrate with the Spanish community, and to this end we enjoy a very close and friendly working relationship with the Town Hall. We are proud to be included in a number of official events and fiestas held annually in the Torrevieja area.


Our activities include the distribution of useful information from a wide range of both UK and Spanish sources, and guidance on the availability of expert advice often in such problem areas as pensions, entitlements, tax regulations etc can be made available. A very worthwhile (but little publicized) aspect of our Association is assistance which can be offered in a variety of welfare cases; which is given in complete confidence. Additionally, and very importantly, we all enjoy an extremely busy and hugely enjoyable social programme!  


We are always very pleased to see visitors, so please come along to one of our meetings where a warm welcome awaits you!



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It's for everyone, whether you are currently serving or have served in the Naval Service; it’s also for your family and friends. We know that once Naval Service has been experienced, life is never the same again, but in the RNA, it can be shared and enjoyed for the rest of your life.

As a member of the RNA, you’ll have access to social and welfare advice, involvement in our many social or fundraising events, or you can simply pop-in to your local branch for a quiet drink and chat. If you’d like a taster of what we’re about, your local Branch Secretary would be delighted to host you as a guest to their next branch meeting.

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