1st Social MUSTER of the Year for the

Royal Naval Association (RNA) Torrevieja Branch


Wow! What a start to the year with 40 members and guests making their way to Restaurante Rendezvous in Urb. Altos del Limonar, Torrevieja for a fabulous Menu del Dia on Wednesday 22nd January.

It is indicative of the resilience of the members & their partners and their service background for them not to miss out on a chance to ‘chat’ and enjoy some good ‘scran’ (Royal Naval Term for Meal/Food) in spite of the ‘topsy turvy weather’.

The members are all ‘wingers’ (friends) regardless of which discipline of the ‘Grey Funnel Line’ (Royal Navy) they are from such as the ‘Greeny’ who lights the way (An Electrician), ‘Dabtoe’ who keep everything ship shape (Seaman or Ops Branch), ‘Jack Dusty’ supplying the vitals (Naval Store Rating), ‘Clanky’ who keep the machinery running (Marine Engineer), ‘Club Swinger’ who try to keep us fit (PT Instructor), Chippy’ who whittle the timber and keep us afloat (Shipwright), ‘Crumb Duster’ who dress the tables with the eating irons (Steward), ‘Wafu’ who keep the planes flying (Fleet Air Arm), ‘Bootneck’ who protect us from foe (Royal Marine) and ‘Sun Dodger’ who surface from time to time to join the throng (Submariner), to name just a few.

The consensus of the branch members is that it’s ‘full steam ahead’ to the exhilarating variety of forthcoming social events in the year ahead.  


You can participate in this harmony even if you have no military background, so why not contact us and find out more, we look forward to hearing from you.


Or see more about the Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch at their website  www.rnatorrevieja.com 



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The Royal Naval Association (RNA) Torrevieja Branch Sail out from 2019 and prepare for the voyage through 2020 at their Christmas Dinner & Dance.


It was ‘all hands in’ to ‘cackling the fat’ in reminiscing over past ‘sea time’ as well as the various events of the last year and speculating on the expectation for the coming year that created a buzz of excitement to fever pitch, which was reminisce of ‘Channel Night’ and could only have been topped by hearing the pipe “up spirits”, during the evening at Lo Crispin Tavern on Tuesday the 10th December.


Astonishingly there were no annual outings of ‘crimbo woolly pullies’ from any of the shipmates, however the abundance of ‘crimbo ties’ and splattering of ‘crimbo hats’ made up for it!!!! and seeing the ladies ‘dressed to impress’ was the highlight.


There was much ‘hooting & cheering’ as all hands were ‘chuffed’ for the ‘chuck up’ for Carol and her stupendous dedication to organising the event and also to Sandie & Cathy for their masterful and cheerful steering of the ‘tombola’ and the abundance of prizes.


The scran from the galley was bountiful even without any ‘NATO standard’ and the festive evening was rounded off with some ‘wicked hoofs’ being thrown about to the music produced by Woody until it was ‘kicking-out-time’ and although there had been lots of frolicking and high spirits during the evening everyone ‘stood up to muster’ and ‘presented properly’ when disembarking and there wasn’t anyone who tried to borrow ‘without a chitty’ a ‘red devil’ and ride home on it.


We all look forward next years ‘bash’


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RNA Torrevieja Branch Socialise at Menu del Dia – November 2019


The RNA Torrevieja Branch members sail towards the end of 2019 in Los Montesinos with another social ‘get-to-gether’ at restaurante Rincon de Miguel for Menu del Dia on Wednesday 20th November.

The ‘hub-bub’ of chit-chat was building to crescendo level as everyone seemed to be enjoying the conversation as much as the food and proving why these gatherings are so popular.

Of course, there was the ‘traditional’ raffle prior to the ‘farewells-until-we-meet-again’.



The Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch

Proudly Parade their Standard alongside others.


Sundays Remembrance Day Parade and Service on the 10th November 2019 was held at the Capilla de las Palmeras (Church of a thousand palms) in Mil Parmeras by the Orihuela Costa & District Branch of The Royal British Legion, at which many UK service association attended with their individual Standard (Flag) and included the Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch.

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The service was conducted by Pastor Keith Brown and joined by dignitaries and officials of Pilar de la Horadada Ayuntamiento and the Royal British Legion.

The 100’s of congregation that exceeded the church capacity spilled into the grounds around the church and were hardy enough to brave the chilly northerly wind to listen, view and immerse themselves in the ceremony via a huge temporary screen and audio system whilst seated, all of which was graciously provided by the Pilar del la Horadada Ayuntamiento and is tremendously appreciated by all that were there. 

This 75th anniversary of 1944 WWII was musically supported in the church by The Royal British Legion Phoenix Band and resoundingly assisted outside the church by the Torrevieja Pipes & Drums created awesome pride and pageantry while leading the parade of all the Standard’s to the church for the service and from the church after the service. The ‘Lone Piper’ played some spectacular traditional laments during the laying of the poppies and wreaths, which reaffirmed the nostalgic tradition of ‘Remembering The Fallen’ and being ever grateful for their sacrifice by all affirming “We Will Remember Them”.


All the Standard bearers performed their roll on the procession both to and from the church with tremendous fortitude by maintaining dignified control of their respective standard in what can only be described as a ‘howling wind’.

As like other associations, the Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch are committed to demonstrating their dedication in upholding traditions and showing their sign of respect by parading their Standard and members attending not only UK but also Spanish official ceremonies.   

Offertory proceeds from the amicable band of collectors went to The Royal British Legion Poopy Appeal.

Mondays Armistice Day Parade and Service on the 11th November 2019 was held by The Royal British Legion Torrevieja Branch at the La Siesta Church, Torrevieja. Many UK service association attended with their Standards (Flag) and included the Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch.

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Father Richard conducted the service which was attended by dignitaries and officials of Torrevieja Ayuntamiento and the Royal British Legion.

This 100th Anniversary of the first ceremony that was inaugurated by King George V was musically supported during the service in the church by the Torrevieja Royal British Legion Concert Band and once again the Torrevieja Pipes & Drums provided outstanding music during the marching parade of Standards and the ‘Loan Piper’, who performed terrific renditions of laments during the formal laying of the poppy’s.    

The congregation that were unable to be seated in the church were able to be seated in the grounds of the church and were able participate in the service with the benefit of the sound system and fortunately not have to endure the northly wind as of the previous day.

Offertory proceeds via the enthusiastic band of collectors went to The Royal British Legion Poopy Appeal.

It was a time for all to reflect and join in the act of Remembrance through the prayer and affirmation:


They shall grow not old,

As we that are left grow old,

Age shall not weary them,

Nor the years condemn,

At the going down of the sun

And in the morning,

We will remember them.



“Long may the tradition and sign of respect & gratitude be maintained”



To read more on the history of Armistice Day & Remembrance Day and the Poppy,

go to the News & History Tab or [click here]



It is no surprise that the Torrevieja Branch of the Royal Naval Association attend many formal events along the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida coast line as they are located between the two Costa’s and the membership is formed from people who live along the coastal region between Alicante to Cartagena.


After “falling out” from the  Armistice Day parade and service the Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch members decided not to go on a “Jolly” but instead mustered on the messdeck [otherwise known as the Che Loco Restaurant at El Chaparal] for some “Scran” and to “Cackle the fat”.

They were all “Chuffed” that the “Tiff”, who is a “Pi-r squared rating” [otherwise known as the Branch Treasure] was going to “Push the boat out” by authorizing [with the committee’s approval] that the “spondoolies” for the “Lash-up” would come from the Branch Social Fund.

There was a resounding “Bravo Zulu” from everyone to the Che Loco for the delicious food. 


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Trafalgar Night 2019

In 2019 the Torrevieja Branch celebrate in style the Battle of Trafalgar 

A tribute to Lord Horatio Nelson and commemoration of the 214th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar was held in the time-honoured tradition by the Royal Naval Association Torrevieja Branch at their annual Trafalgar Night celebration on the 21st October 2019 at the MASA Hotel in Torrevieja.

The sea of almost 100 people mustered for the event encompassed ‘a motley crew’ who were not all ‘press ganged’ to be onboard and were assembled from a miscellaneous hodgepodge of past and present shipmates from the ‘Andrew’ with various disciplines from within the ‘grey funnel line’ and included ‘Airy Fairies’, ‘Wafus’, ‘Clankies’, ‘Tiffs’, ‘Greenies’, ‘Jack Dustys’, Chippys’ and ‘Dabtoes’ to name but a few and who served in a complete spectrum of RN vessels including ‘boats’ and ‘shore bases’ 

Of course, there was a complement of Bootnecks, who remain unsure how many attended as they still can’t count above three!!

The RNA Torrevieja branch members felt that they had a full ‘ships company’ and were honoured to have on board the WWII veteran Joe Billet and privileged to have a significant contingent of guests, ‘civvies’, families and friends. 

Trafalgar Night and Naval traditions were richly maintained by not only honouring Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson and ‘those that fell with him’ but also by socialising on a grand scale, which encompassed reference and acknowledgement of the Naval Daily Toast’s, particular the Sunday toast of ‘To Absent Friends and Those at Sea!’ and NO surprise the Wednesday toast of ‘To Ourselves’ (and for those ‘Andrews’ that know the rest) “As no one else is Likely to Concern Themselves with Our Welfare’; but the greatest approval was for the toast ‘Here’s to Tall Ships, Here’s to Small Ships, Here’s to all the Ships at Sea, But the best Ships are Friendships, Here’s to You and Me!’

All of the RNA members ‘scrub up well’ in their ‘tux’ and ‘toed the line’ on their ‘barracking’ during the speech and as all matelot’s  and seafarers  would expect there was the obligatory merriment of ‘wining and dining’, ‘swinging the lamp’ and ‘black catting’, followed by ‘shaking the wicked hoof’ – commonly called dancing; the live music performed by the Campoverde Reef Band was phenomenal, unfortunately most of the RNA branch members were making a ‘pigs ear’ of the dancing and were ‘shown how to do it’ by the ladies and ‘civvies’   

As all Sailors would expect, the evening could not pass without the mandatory ‘raffle’ – all that was needed to make it a ‘concert at sea’ would have been as session of ‘tombola’, ‘ukers’, ‘sods opera’ with a touch of a ‘crossing the line ceremony’; never the less everyone enjoy themselves and two guests comments were: 

Ron and Dee

“We had a fantastic evening with excellent food, good dance music and memorable conversation”.

Dave and Anna

“We attended the Trafalgar night held at the Masa hotel. The venue was excellent. The food, dance band and company couldn't be faulted, a great night”

The RNA members give a tremendous thankyou to Carol the Branch Social Secretary and are enormously grateful for her masterly arranging the event and look forward to a repeat celebration next year.

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Over forty members of The Royal Naval Association, Torrevieja Branch met for a delicious lunch at La Piazza ll, Punta Prima on 19th March.  Our monthly lunches are always an excellent social occasion with a chance to catch up with friends while enjoying a tasty meal together.  Maybe you’d like to join us at our next one – for more information please call Chairman Paul Edwards on 618644934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on 966716274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 966921996.    You do not need to have served in The Royal Navy to join. Hope to see you soon!

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Trafalgar Night 2018


Around one hundred members, and friends of the Torrevieja Branch, Royal Naval Association commemorated the 213th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar on Saturday 20th October 2018 with a dinner and dance at The Masa Hotel, Torrevieja.

On 21st October 1805 Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson successfully led the British fleet to put an end to Napoleon Bonaparte’s bid to conquer Europe.  As the British and French fleets moved towards engagement, Lord Nelson, aboard HMS Victory, ran up a 31 flag signal to the rest of the British fleet which spelt out the famous phrase “England expects that every man will do his duty”.

Although Nelson was killed during the battle, not only was Napoleon stopped but it also confirmed The British Royal Navy as ruler of the high seas which gave Britain status as a global power for well over a century.

The Royal Naval Association, Torrevieja branch monthly meetings are moving to a new time and venue.  Their next meeting will be at Restaurante Danmark, Plaza Los Halcones 27, Avenida de La Alondres, Torrevieja on Wednesday April 3rd starting at 1700.  Future meetings will be at this new time and venue on the first Wednesday of every month. We not only hold monthly meetings but also lunches and various social activities throughout the year.  The Royal Naval Association is very friendly, open to all who respect our objectives and we look forward to seeing you soon!  For directions and more information please call Chairman Paul Edwards on 618644934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on 966716274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 966921996.

Below are some photographs of the event.

Please scroll down to see Photos and reports of previous Menu del Dia's.
Monday 10th December.       1900 -1930               Christmas Party at Playas de Torrevieja Hotel. 10 euros Members, 15 euros Guests.

More than fifty members of the Royal Naval Association, Torrevieja Branch met at Restaurante Rendezvous last week for their March menu del dia and what an excellent lunch it was!  Delicious food, well presented with friendly and efficient service – what more could we ask?  As usual, we enjoyed plenty of friendly banter with some very quaffable wine to help it along!

This very friendly crew welcome new members, and remember you don’t have to have served in The Royal Navy to become an associate member.  For more information please contact Chairman Paul Edwards on 618644934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on 966716274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 966921996.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Members of the Torrevieja branch Royal Naval Association met for their first lunch of the year at La Piazza ll at Punta Marina commercial centre, Punta Prima on January 18th.  As usual a good time was had by all, eating and socialising together in the January sunshine.  We have many more social events to look forward to in 2018 as well as our meetings. You don’t need to have served in the Royal Navy to join us and you will receive a warm welcome from this friendly crew.  To join or for more information please call Chairman Paul Edwards on 618644934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on 966716274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 966921996

More than fifty Shipmates from the Torrevieja branch of The Royal Naval Association met at Restaurante Dona Isabel in San Miguel de Salinas on 23rd of November. Diego and his staff did us proud with an excellent three course lunch all washed down with some rather good wine! Earlier in the month several of us attended the Armistice Day service at La Siesta Church followed by a buffet at Hoggies bar and in December we have our Christmas party to look forward to. If you would like to join this very friendly and sociable crew please call Chairman Paul Edwards on 618644934, Vice Chairman Danny Kay on 966716274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 966921996. Remember, you don’t have to have served in The Royal Navy to become a member of this Association. 
Another month and another lunch for Torrevieja branch Royal Naval Association! On 21st September shipmates met at Leaf’s restaurant, just off the Lemon Tree road, for a three course meal. There was plenty of banter and bonhomie all washed down with a glass or two of wine. We always welcome new members and you don’t need to have been in The Royal Navy to join,  For more information please call our Chairman Paul Edwards on 618644934, vice Chairman Danny Kay on 966716274 or Secretary Margaret Forshaw on 966921996. On 21st October we commemorate Admiral Lord Nelson’s victory at the battle of Trafalgar with a dinner and dance. We are a friendly and happy crew so why not come along and see for yourselves. Below is a picture of our September Menu del Dia.

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